Operation Caffeine Free: Why I Am Giving Up Coffee

Since starting down the path of adopting a plant based diet and regaining control of my food choices, weight and health, I have found great freedom in being free of the food addictions that had led me down the path of allowing my weight to reach 270 lbs in 2011. Since then I have lost over 100 lbs and feel younger and better than I have in years. During this season of positive changes, I have held on to one habit/addiction.

For some reason, I have not really had a great urge to give up coffee. I have thought about it and even threatened to do it, but I have not seriously decided to try…until now. Reading this post on the Engine 2 blog really challenged me to kick my coffee habit. Since becoming a vegan, I have taken full control of my food intake, but have continued to drink more coffee than I should.  I usually drink a large cup (16 – 20 oz) in the morning and then one to two more 16-20 oz servings throughout the course of most days. The caffeine buzz is not a motivator to me, as I think I grew immune to the caffeine long ago. What draws me back to coffee is that I like the flavor and it is part of my daily ritual.

I have tried going a whole day with coffee and usually end up with a splitting headache, so I know I am addicted. Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, March 18, 2013), I am beginning the process of breaking that addiction. It is important to me to be fully in control of what and how I eat and this is the next logical step in the process of being the healthiest I can be.

In coming days, I will write more about my strategy and plans for kicking the caffeine habit.  For now, my plan for the morning is to brew a cup of Mate Vana which is a caffeinated tea beverage.  This will not be the long term plan, as the goal is to get off of caffeine, but it will be the starting point.


My last Starbucks for a while…